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Tat-Says Recruitment are specialised recruiters with a wealth of experience in a variety of industries. We find great pleasure in taking the perfect candidate and matching them with the perfect role and vice versa. Whether you're looking to hire or looking for your next career step, we can help you find a fulfilling role or the perfect person to meld with the culture of your workplace. We are predominantly based in Stratford serving a variety of sectors, with high quality staff and rewarding careers across London. If you're ready to take your next career step or looking for the perfect candidate to join your team, you've found the people who can make that happen.

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We Know Recruitment Because We Know People

According to ManpowerGroup, 54% of companies reported skills shortages in their industries. Let us bridge that gap. Find staff or find a role today on our Job Listings or Employers pages, by calling us on 07306 206 311 or by emailing

Job Listings  For The Employers

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Woman in Consultation with Nurse


It's no secret that the healthcare industry is woefully understaffed. Thanks to this healthcare recruitment agency in Stratford, we're helping to turn the tide, throughout London, by pairing caring workers and experienced, qualified nurses with hospitals and clinics that need them.

Health Care Roles

Carer helping elderly woman

Social Care

The care industry, much like healthcare, is in dire need of staff and support. We have a roster of attentive, hard-working, experienced care staff just waiting to join your care home, live-in care service or take on whatever other kinds of care work you have available.

Social Care Roles

Men on construction site


Work in construction? The entire industry has been thrown into flux since the Covid-19 pandemic. Builders, plasterers, plumbers and civil engineers are all rushed off of their feet, as people, stuck inside for months, find that there's plenty of work to be done in the house. If you need staff, we can source them for you.

Construction Roles

Mop on floor


If you're a cleaning company looking to hire extra staff, we can find suitable team members to join your company. If you're someone who doesn't mind getting their hands dirty, then we can find you a place on a great cleaning team, so you can put that enthusiasm to work. We also supply cleaners in a domestic capacity so, if you need a cleaner for your home, we can find one for you.

Cleaning Roles

Waitress holding plates of food


While we're predominately a healthcare recruitment agency in Stratford, we also supply staff to the hospitality industry. If you operate a restaurant, bar, hotel or any other premises in the hospitality industry, get in contact to find the perfect new team members.


Hospitality Roles

Man wrapping palette in Warehouse

Warehouse and Factory

We can source hard-working staff for warehouses and factories across London, putting enthusiastic staff to work in positions they'll love. If you need warehouse or factory staff, we can source them for you.



Warehouse & Factory Roles



Security and Concierge

We can provide professionally trained security staff and concierge personnel for retail, pubs, clubs and event staff. We understand that your premises and your customers safety is the your number one priority. If you would like to find work as in security or concierge services then contact us.

Tat-Say's Recruitment supply
Concierge employees that can covers Receptions in ; Hotels, Buildings
site, Private Residence Buildings, Office buildings e.t.c.

Security Roles










Why Choose Us?


We understand the difficulty of hiring staff. That's why we don't make it harder with unaffordable prices that leave you wondering if a healthcare recruitment agency in Stratford was even the right choice. We offer great prices for our work, bringing people together.


All of our candidates are thoroughly vetted before we pair them with a company. We take the time to investigate the personality of all applicants, completing rigorous background checks and ensuring that all the Is are dotted and Ts crossed.


We have close to a decade of experience in the recruitment industry, covering a variety of sectors and dealing with all manner of different cultures and backgrounds. We know recruitment because we know people.



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